chupa_chup (chupa_chup) wrote,

How to make your life a little more Shabby Chic...

Take some vintage junk shop finds.
Mine are from Pam’s Antiques in Bridport and I paid £3 for them. I told her that was too cheap. She said they were for storing CDs but I had other ideas…

Get some paint.
I used Value white emulsion and a tester pot of Zoffany Rose paint that I bought for £1 in another shop in Bridport.

Paint it!
Several coats of white were needed as I used naff paint! Then I used masking tape to help me make a reasonable job of the pink inside.

Fill with treasures.
I wanted to put all 3 together really but I don’t have enough room anywhere. I’ve used them for cosmetics, perfume, and trinkets.

I’m happy.
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